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July 2, 2010

3 Doors Down ShariNg

Alternative - away from the sun album

3 Doors Down sparked some hope for the musically desolate town of Escatawpa, Mississippi back in 2000, when the band's powerful rock anthem "Kryptonite" invaded the airwaves. Childhood friends Brad Arnold (vocals/drums), Matt Roberts (guitar), and Todd Harrell (bass) started out playing at friends' parties, where they would perform Bush and Metallica covers, but began to stretch their limits in 1997 with the addition of another guitarist, Chris Henderson. After recording some demos that same year, the quartet attracted a huge local following, with a crowd of nearly 2,000 attending their hometown gigs as a result of diligent self-promotion and energetic live performances. Their local popularity led to unprecedented demand for their soon-to-be national hit "Kryptonite" at Biloxi's local radio station, WCPR. Following the buzz, the band went to New York's legendary rock club CBGB to hold a showcase for major record labels, and they ended up signing a deal with Republic/Universal.

Track List :
01-when i'm gone
02-away from the sun
03-the road i'm on
04-ticket to heaven
05-running out of days
06-here without you
07-i feel you
08-dangerous game
10-going down in flames
11-sarah yellin'
12-this time


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