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June 26, 2010

The Hush Sound - Goodbye Blues ShariNG

Alternative Pop

The Hush Sound is a pop quartet from Chicago, Illinois. Initially named “The Hush,” the band changed their name to “The Hush Sound” when Geffen Records objected that their name was too similar to rapper Hush. The band consists of Bob Morris on vocals and guitar, Mike Leblanc on bass and vocals, Darren Wilson on drums and vocals, and Greta Salpeter on vocals and piano. Original bassist Chris Faller left the band in October 2008 in order to pursue other musical interests and was replaced by Mike LeBlanc, who had toured with them previously on their “Dance Across the Country Tour”.

The Hush Sound was founded by Greta Salpeter and Bob Morris. The two met when Greta was in 7th grade and Bob was in 10th. In the eyes of many of their peers, Bob and Greta were deemed an “odd couple.” Bob had always been a player and performer of rock music, whereas Greta was a classical pianist.

The band’s third studio album, Goodbye Blues, was named one of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2008 according to Alternative Press Magazine. “GOODBYE BLUES” was recorded Fall 2007 at North Hollywood’s Fairfax Recordings with producer/engineer Kevin Augunas (Cold War Kids, Jon Brion) at the helm. In tracks such as “Honey” and “Medicine Man”,The Hush Sound shows influence of Blues, Swing, Rock, and Folk. On January 16th, a press release said that that album would in fact be released on March 18th and that the first single, Honey, would be available for purchase on the iTunes store on February 5th.

03-medicine man
04-the boy are to refined
06-as you cry
09-thats ok
10-not your concern
11-love you much better
12-hospital bed crawl
13-break the sky

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