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June 26, 2010

Silverchair ShariNG


Silverchair are one of the most acclaimed and successful bands in Australian music history.

The group's members were all born in 1979 in the Newcastle surf suburb of Merewether. Singer/guitarist Daniel Johns and drummer Ben Gillies started making music together at primary school and schoolmate Chris Joannou later joined on bass. They got their big break in mid-1994 when they won a national demo competition conducted by SBS TV show "Nomad" and Triple J.

The band changed its name from Innocent Criminals to Silverchair and in August 1994 they released their winning demo - a track called "Tomorrow". The song eventually spent six weeks at #1 on the Australian singles charts and 20 weeks in the top 10. In 1995 it became the most played song of the year on U.S. modern rock radio.

Silverchair's debut album "frogstomp", recorded in just nine days in early 1995, was a raw sounding slab of alternative rock. A #1 hit in Australia and New Zealand the disc went on to become the first Australian album since INXS to hit the U.S. top 10, selling more than 2.5 million copies throughout the world. As "frogstomp" and "Tomorrow" propelled silverchair to music superstardom through 1996 the group juggled memorable performances on the roof of Radio City Music Hall and tours with Red Hot Chili Peppers alongside full time schooling commitments back home in Newcastle.

"Neon Ballroom"
Track List :
01-emotion sickness
02-anthem for the year 2000
03-ana's song
04-spawn again
05-miss you love
06-dearest helpless
07-do you feel the same
08-black tangled heart
09-point of view
10-satin sheets
11-paint pastell princess
12-steam will rise

Track List :
01-across the night
02-the gratest view
03-without you
04-world upon your shoulders
05-one way mule
06-tuna in the brine
07-too much of not enough
08-luv you life
10-my favourite thing
11-after all this years

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